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The African Sun vs Your Skin | Laura Channing Spa & Skin
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The African Sun vs Your Skin

The African Sun vs Your Skin

The African Sun vs Your Skin


I am UK born which means that the South African sun has taken a bit of getting used to, but I have noticed that it takes some getting used to for people born here too. It’s just that strong, that powerful, and its effect on our skin is noticeable.

More and more people are now becoming aware of how the sun can age your skin and affect it negatively, however, there are still a large contingent that remains ‘sun worshippers’. People come to Laura Channing Spa & Skin concerned about ageing. They want advice on how to prevent the effects of ageing and on how to get younger looking, firmer skin. What people have to understand is that we can help improve your skin, but only if you commit to regular facials followed by a good skin care routine. You also have to commit to staying out of the way of those harmful African rays that we all love so much. Love hurts basically.

Sunscreen does more than protect you from cancer and sunburn, it also protects you against photoaging.

What is Photoaging?
Photoaging is frequent and repeated sun exposure and sunburns, which accelerate ageing of the skin, making you look older than you are.

Effects of Sun Exposure
1. Freckles, pigmentation, large brown spots
2. Dry and rough textured skin
3. Thinning of the skin, loss of skin tone which causes sagging
4. Deep wrinkling, crows feet around the eye area
5. Fine red blood vessels appearing on the cheeks, nose and ears

Facts About UV Rays
• You can’t feel UV damaging your skin. It’s happening even when the sun doesn’t feel hot and when it’s cloudy.
• UV Rays penetrate through glass. i.e. They even get you while you’re driving.

The younger generation needs to make a conscious effort from a young age to protect their face using a SPF 30 every day. While on the beach / in direct
sunlight they should be using SPF 50. The older generation can slow down that ageing process by protecting their skin with an SPF. They should also have a facial once a month to help lift and firm the skin.

Laura Channing Spa & Skin is a beautiful boutique spa, offering an upmarket experience to locals and holidaymakers. Using luxury skin care ranges and quality products, and coupling these with skilled beauty therapists, Laura Channing and her team ensure best results.

With love, 

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