Keeping your kids skin in the clear


A good general skincare routine should start from a young age, as getting your children into the practice of taking care of their skin from early on will give them good habits (and better skin) for life. No one wants to see their child suffer and loose confidence due having hormonal breakouts (this happens to kids, male or female from as young as 11), however being a parent that is constantly pestering and squeezing their faces isn’t a recipe for skin success either. We are here to help, equipped with advice and care that will help your kids get great skin again.


There are so many benefits to a facial. Not only does it clean out the pores and balance the skin, but we also chat to our young clients about how to care for their skin at home and what foods to avoid to help clear up that acne.

For Healthy Skin

With just a little help from us, and a good skincare routine at home, kids can achieve spot free skin.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet and follow a good exercise routine,

Drink lots of water.

Always wash your face before bed.

Don’t squeeze or pick at pimples, it can spread infection – yes, it’s always tempting but you could scar the face if its not done correctly.

Be aware of hair products – some can cause breakouts around the hairline.

Skincare Routine

Wash your face twice a day, morning and night.

Wash your face immediately after playing sports, to help clear excess dirt and oil from the skin.

Avoid using the strong astringent/stripping face wash, as it causes more harm then good. It will create more sebum (oil), so go for a gentle, soothing face wash that will keep your skin calm and clear instead. (Recommended product: Babor Gel and Tonic 2 in 1 Face Wash – R458).

Exfoliate once a week, using a relatively gentle product. Don’t scrub too hard it won’t help with acne.

Moisturise by appling a lightweight purifying cream day and night. (Recommented product: Babor Daily Purifying Cream designed for young, blemished skin, as it helps to reduce impurities – R404).

Masks should be used once a week or for a sudden break out. Always make sure your skin is clean before applying the mask. You can apply the mask to areas of concern if you wish. Using a mask will instantly calm and soothe the skin and it will help clear those pores. (Recommended Product: Babor Deep Pore Cleansing Mask and Exfoliator 2 in 1 – R375)

Sun Cream, never leave the house without it. Use a lightweight oil free sunblock daily, whether its being spent indoors or outdoors. It will also help keep your acne breakouts from turning dark.

We have a growing teenage clientele and our results speak for themselves. We recommend coming for a facial every 3 weeks to get your skin back on track and thereafter every 4 to 6 weeks.

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