The #1 Luxury British Skincare Brand. Defined by Nature. Led by Science.

Your skin, your body and your wellness lie at the heart of ELEMIS.

Every GROUND-BREAKING formula is an innovative blend of science with the chemistry of nature, carefully crafted by a dedicated team of explorers, scientists and skincare experts.

Encompassing the most POWERFUL biological actives available from both ‘above and below’ the earth’s surface, ELEMIS’ meticulous attention to detail, pioneering formulas and remarkably transformative RESULTS is what truly sets our skincare apart.


Cleansing is where skincare begins. ELEMIS cleansing balms, milks and creams, rich in natural actives, create a clean canvas for the face by gently removing impurities. Clean skin is the essential foundation for healthy skin.

Rehydrating Rose Petal Cleanser


This hydrating and nourishing rose petal-infused cleanser effectively removes make-up and the daily build-up of skin pollutants. For dehydrated, mature skin

Rehydrating Ginsing Toner


This nourishing toner effectively tones skin, rebalances its pH levels and preserves the natural oils, without the use of alcohol or harsh detergents, to reveal a radiant and hydrated complexion. For dehydrated, mature skin

Balancing Lime Blossom Cleanser


This fresh-scented lotion is brimming with actives to repair and even combination or problematic skin

Balancing Lavender Toner


This gentle purifying treatment toner effectively tones the skin and helps rebalance the pH level, without the use of alcohol or harsh detergents, leaving a fresh and clear complexion

Sensitive Cleansing Wash


This effective and gentle cleansing wash is ideal for sensitive or dry skin. Reveal a calm and healthy complexion. For sensitive, dry skin

Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser


This luxurious deep cleansing cream helps defend against daily pollutants. Make-up and grime are gently dissolved, revealing a radiantly youthful looking complexion. For normal, dry skin 


While skin is designed to keep renewing itself, it does need help. Exfoliating on a regular basis aids brightness and clarity, as well as creating a smooth base for foundations and creams. 

Gentle Rose Exfoliator


An instant revitaliser, perfect for tired legs and muscle tension, especially on the shoulders and neck. Suitable for use during pregnancy

Skin Buff


Deep cleansing exfoliator. Fine exfoliating granules slough off dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, more vibrant complexion

Papaya Enzyme Peel


Exfoliate and purify tired, lacklustre skin. Non-abrasive, skin is left soft, revitalised and radiant

Day & Night Creams

ELEMIS moisturisers are famous for a reason. The finest natural actives, galvanised by the most innovative science have culminated in a ground-breaking, nourishing, exquisitely scented range of creams for whoever you are and whatever you do

Hydra Boost Day Cream


Smoothes, nourishes, hydrates. This super-nourishing, anti-oxidant rich day cream helps provide continuous hydration and moisturisation to leave skin feeling nourished, smooth and supple

Hydra Nourish Night Cream


This anti-oxidant rich night cream helps prevent moisture loss and works to nourish and de-stress tired skin. By morning skin is left feeling supple and replenished

Hydra Balance Day Cream


Balances, comforts, moisturises. This ultra-light, anti-oxidant rich day cream provides continuous hydration, to leave skin feeling perfectly hydrated, balanced and supple. Day cream for combination skin

Anti-Ageing Pro Collagen Range

The rich marine and plant actives in the world renowned Pro-Collagen formulations work to delicately smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin appears plumped and refined.

Pro–Collagen Cleansing Balm


This powerful anti-ageing, deep cleansing balm dissolves make-up, daily grime and pollutants. Skin is intensely cleansed, nourished and renewed for a glowing complexion. For all skin types

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream


Clinically proven*, the powerful anti-ageing ingredients of Pro-Collagen Marine Cream have been shown to reduce the depth of wrinkles, improve skin firmness and hydration in 15 days 

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra Rich


Clinically proven* to reduce the depth of wrinkles, improve skin firmness, tone and hydration in 15 days, thus creating the ultimate anti-ageing cream from ELEMIS. For normal, dry skin

Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream


Clinically proven*, this oxygenating night cream helps with your skin’s natural regeneration process. Wake up with a firmer-looking, radiant complexion whilst helping delay the signs of premature ageing. For all skin types

Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment


This advanced eye treatment targets fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area. Helps smooth and firm for a more youthful appearance

Pro–Collagen Eye Renewal


Clinically proven*, this intensive eye cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and nourishes the delicate eye area

Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment Neck & Bust


This is a revolutionary anti-ageing treatment that is clinically proven to reduce skin crêpiness by up to 33% and increase skin firmness by 17% with a 14% increase in elasticity

Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules


Formulated with optimum levels of anti-oxidant power to improve the visible signs of ageing and counteract the damaging effects of everyday pollution. For tired or fatigued skin – 60 caps


Japanese Camellia Body Oil


This is the finest grade oil for aromatherapy. Used for the care of nails, hair, scalp and combination skin, this light oil is easily absorbed and rich in plant collagen to keep the skin moisturised and supple, helping to prevent stretch marks. Suitable for use during pregnancy 

Frangipani Monoi Body Oil


This truly exotic oil is rapidly absorbed providing superior moisturisation for dry, parched or mature skin


Advanced Brightening Even Tone Serum


Brightens, perfects and renews. Clinically proven, this brightening serum helps reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation in just 28 days*. Skin looks brighter, clearer and visibly more even. For dull, pigmented skin

Pro Collagen Quartz Lift Serum


Stimulates cell renewal & supports cell structure to give amazing results

Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Mask


Smooth and firm skin with this luxurious mask, minimizing the signs of ageing for a more youthful, firmer appearance

Pro–Intense Eye & Lip Contour Cream


This nourishing eye and lip contouring cream firms and plumps. Thin, dry skin around the eyes and vertical lip lines appear finer and smoother, revealing a plumper, more youthful and renewed skin texture 

Skin Nourishing Milk Bath


This unique formula leaves skin feeling nourished. Rich in vitamins that feed the skin to leave it soft and supple

Daily Redness Solution


Soothes and helps reduce the appearance of redness & high colour 

Soothing Chamomile Cleanser


This balancing and refreshing cleanser deeply cleanses skin, effectively removing the build-up of daily pollutants to reveal a clean and radiant complexion. For sensitive skin

S.O.S Emergency Cream


This intensive daily moisturiser has been formulated to soothe sensitive, dry, blemish acne prone skin while replenishing skin’s hydration balance 

Tri–Enzyme Resurfacing Serum


Clinically proven to smooth the skin’s surface by up to 91%*

Exotic Cream Moisturizing Mask


Taking the chi-energy of the plant, this dynamic synergy of mimosa and honey absolute, with extracts of sea rocket, orange and bergamot leaves the skin exceptionally moisturised and enriched

Herbal Lavender Repair Mask


This skin balancing and calming mask is ideal for sensitive, blemish prone skin. For dull, congested skin

Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Gel Mask


As part of the ELEMIS Anti-Ageing Resurfacing Programme, this revolutionary gel mask helps refine and smooth the skin surface. Skin feels instantly smoother, shine free and more radiant

Pro–Intense Lift Effect Day Cream


A targeted anti-ageing lifting and firming cream, ideal for hormonal and menopausal skin

Pro–Intense Night Cream


Plumps, firms, nourishes. This lift effect firming night cream is formulated with a powerful blend of gardenia stem cells, arjuna and lupin to reduce the appearance of sagging jowls, cheeks and chin

Tri–Enzyme Resurfacing Night Cream


Skin smoothing night cream. This night treatment cream stimulates the skin’s natural cell renewal, smoothes & enhances. Imperfections & lines are reduced 

Soothing Apricot Toner


This calming treatment toner effectively tones the skin and helps maintain the pH level, without the use of alcohol or other harsh detergents. Reveal a fresh and radiant complexion. For sensitive skins

Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash


Encourages the skin’s natural cell renewal cycle, actively smoothing and refining whilst gently exfoliating away any dead skin cells which can dull the complexion 

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